Author Guidelines

  1. Articles should not have been published or simultaneously submitted (hardcopy or on-line) for publication to another journals.
  2. MS Word is the preferred input program. Use A4, 3 cm for each margin, 12 sized Times New Roman type font and double spacing (the content), 11 sized Times new Roman type font and single spacing (abstract and references), 11 or 10 sized Times new Roman type font and single spacing (open table or figure or chart).
  3. Original research articles should include:
  • Title (max. 25 words)
  • Author’s name, affiliation, and e-mail address
  • Abstract (100-250 words), indicate the abstract with the heading, Abstract.
  • Key words
  • Introduction (with a heading) consisting of background of study and aims of study,
  • Methodology (with a heading)
  • Results and discussion (with a heading)
  • Conclusion (with a heading)
  • References
  1. Articles should confirm to the latest APA referencing style. It is strongly suggested to use MENDELEY.
  2. Articles submissions should be sent electronically to online system
  3. The Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors asses whether the submissions meet the basic requirements of the journal. The submissions that meet the requirements will be sent out to two appointed reviewers who will assess whether the article is accepted or rejected.
  4. All writers/contributors whose articles are accepted for publication will be notified via e-mail.